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The tablet instead of the dashboard!

At first, the idea was to change the head unit to the sensor. I open youtube to see how someone connects wiring, and see how all advanced citizens suffer, but still vkryachivayut plates in their cars. Okay would simply planchette, they cling to them pribludy different, for example, "Diagnostic adapter ELM327 is" and even some…
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Bodykit Making a circle!

A start, armed with pictures from the Internet and do a circle bodykit. I do not resist, here are the first elements of clay. Creative suggestions and constructive criticism in the comments welcome! to finalize the diffuser, which is better? the first option, or this?
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The first problem! Unstick suede.

2 weeks now how to exploit the car in Alcantara. Once again, when applying self-adhesive suede, we did not use any additional adhesives or primers. is not seen like anything. but ... have glue in these areas, on all 4 wheels. In case of other "stocks" will be their spread. Rains in our Rostov-on-Don, 2-3…
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