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The roof in suede, "Alcantara"

Winter is coming, with the last few meters of the machine lay in a stash suede adhesive, branded Alcantara "Nippon" so do not throw. Preparation took 5 minutes, picked up a brush and brushed the dust from the roof. I tried to glue himself to the fabric folding roof hood, it turned out! Beautifully? It's…
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Inserted blow-off

Hello! The AmericanGarage put me blow off from the well-known brand HKS. Installation of such devices is some ridicule and hard banter about his "vital necessity, particularly for my car." Argue silly, everyone has his opinion. However, there are questionable tyunyachki, from nowhere came to the market, and there tyunyachki taken over from motorsport. Moreover,…
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Soft Toys for Boys!

Well, I like how it looks! the more that can be pokleit himself and finds it's not hard. Alcantara is not intended for the body, it's just outrageous such advertising and the test material on the wear resistance. This car I saw in the movie Transformers. Damn, I was a victim of the TV! :…
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