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The coils also 100 thousand had to be replaced

The day after AysRalli "zatroil", or rather "zapyateril" motor. Well, check engine right there. According symptoms - perhaps one of the cylinders, the spark coil or died. But HZ - Suddenly wrong. Therefore, the diagnosis service went to the back of a tow truck. So it turned out, burned out coil of the sixth cylinder.…
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Christmas trifle.

yesterday rolled out the beauty, the first time a few weeks and finally got tired of nasty clutch pedal. Despite the virtually new cart and drive, setting ceilings and uninformative got me In the end, I pulled the top of the pedal's this strange spring -. "Helper" and everything was much more pleasant. Pedal no…
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Bullies (autopsy)

Once again, all welcome! Today was in the service station, and "finally" saw all this sadness. In general, there are both good and undoubtedly bad news. diagnosis is : 1), 4 piston at the replacement (new come with rings) + 2 sets of rings for the remaining pistons 2) clutch for replacement with a flywheel…
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