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RAF is now in the cinema still got)))

sobbsno For what makes this car - to work on the set - it was realized for the first time today. Yes, not enough sleep, the night shift 12:00, plus processing, and before that prepare and stage, but I'm happy. The machine did not disappoint, rolled Tudu syudy, all flashing, buzzing, open and close, and…
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almost finished inside the cabin, the task is almost done

because the machine has found a permanent place of residence, but alas, cold, all the work had to be temporarily suspended. On the decline of warm days restored the charge (in the genes was suspiciously small returns, like is charging, but it is not pulled from the consumers) - replaced the PP and then followed…
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and about the movie again)))

Ur. again called on the shift. Though the night and had to stay up for almost two days, but dvizhuha continues. I before it was not possible to drive on it in plenty on the roads - to make out then it did not, the color, etc. And here in front of astonished gaytsov who…
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