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Thaer TRIMS or clean shoes – neat man

good wheels like good shoes. clean wheels as a clean shoes. Raphael immediately drove to Moscow decided to put that vaytvoly. but from Krasnodar Rafik got completely different wheels: front 14 "from 2410, and rear - 15 family." and I have two wheels 15, but were plugging in another. the most important thing - is…
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burst tire

rear tires had deteriorated with age, Treschev turned into it), began to put the stock wheels that would be salt in the winter is invisible
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Replacing the thermostat

After the incident with the carburettor + cooling of the RAF on the xx, I bought the thermostat to 87 degrees, I decided to change, I think that the complex ... no matter how foreign car cover removed, I took out the old and put a new surprise ... but then, so the thermostat cover…
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