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assembly, debugging continues

Still sought grille, while the set that was available. War Paint appeared, stencils on the door just cut out of paper and magnets pressed staining))) Now you can proceed to trim there nepahannoe field Although, if you look at the source code at the beginning of June -. The enthusiasm and rushing )))
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sickbay in the work)))

still remained warm days, finishing salon, time to spare, you should at least just to convey the spirit "of the" first to be in the frame. Stretcher couple - is, still need to trim add toilet seats and forward))) management spetssignalami almost invented how to do, like the siren itself of the three horns of…
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Che! Lovek that I (fallen joitheads!) Helps!

Everyone asks himself ... are you doing? Who or whether HELPS? ... I answer! One restore CAR impossible. Who would that not say. Think about! What needs to be done. Here! Che! Lovek- who helps me! MEET! Edward Ernestovich Chegevara! Please love and respect! A man with a capital letter. Funny, such as rally driver…
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