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All a Happy! I'm going to change ... and you? The previous record, you see the latest updates. Today brag to others! Logos of! Please do not judge strictly, it is not completed yet and will be fully shown later ...
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RAFovody of all countries unite!

Question. Why is it called this record? The answer on. I help people from Latvia! Make no mistake. In Latvia people, Andris Dambis. Who in Russia knows? Who knows what, he is famous? A here- . And how to contact them? There on the DRIVE- Arthur Abolnish . This man helped me. He…
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I have deceived you all …!

All greetings! As is clear from the title ... Yes! Yes! Yes! I lied to you ... invited to vote for the future of my color Littlebus- Linda. BUT! This online ... Damn. I found this photo! Stunned! He decided to paint, as there. The only difference-in a skirt! Initially it was beige, and…
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