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The LEDs in the interior

Sunday night called at any auto parts store for the small things, and finally bought the diodes in the interior. Cover the front courtesy light is removed easily, to hook the front and pull down, there are only two tabs, nothing to break. The rear cover in the same way, but there are 4 tabs.…
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Body work (part 1!)

Working day is over! It is time to go take a shower and go home to my family! All would be just as, if not one "but" called enthusiasm! Tomorrow in Spain output (08/12/2016), go home, then back ... tyagomotina. Without hesitation (or rather did not have to think) decided not to put off until…
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Body repair (part 2)

Day coming to its logical conclusion! Seat moves accordingly to your)))). Little fillers (150-200 g), a little soil, and cosmetically our machine is ready. Rinse off all traces of cosmetics, put it at 70 degrees (pogreetsya) to dry before painting. There is every chance of the day to prepare and paint our B / eyelet…
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