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Shutters rear doors.

I decided not to miss the opportunity to somehow protect rear occupants from the sun. In the courtyard of service for several months, is the donor, it will start up under the press at the end of the year. So I said it curtains on the rear doors, and since I was shooting with his…
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interior heater motor noise

Prompt friends who judged the panel and took out the engine heater may have a video I will be grateful. Of course noise is not critical, barely audible but I'm used to on previous machines to no fanfare.
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To stand confidently!

Before selling the car, investing the bare minimum (or will make it, or the cheapest). I looked underneath, and there is even cry. In general, so as not to waste time on trifles, I ordered all from the bottom. Some parts have not yet passed, but this reserve enough work for today (issue price of…
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