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Expel oil

Hello! I do not want to touch the car frost ... once already with good cold and not really warmed up engine already expels oil ... but called a friend and asked for help, podkurit or pull ... or kraynyak pull the car on a cord to repair ... winter Actually warmed good car, came…
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Guys this question I have the doors open to 90 degrees ... like everything is in place there's just stop ... I can not understand is the norm or not?
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Saturday, 7h 07min 7 January 2017

Good day; -) Merry Christmas drayvovchane and drayvovchanki; -) We in the morning Vilnius while 7h 07min , 7 January 2017 . How many sevens ;-) It is a pity that no Resurrection and frost -27 ° C; -))) The temperature in the suburb of Vilnius about -22 ° C A 30 km from the capital…
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