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Our house Cyclops!

Hello So, the poet's soul could not stand it, and I'll take the Cyclops went to Penza According to preliminary measurements at length he was 255 cm My trailer -.. 2.5 meters and given the very "soft" part of the rear I had hoped to put him in a trailer with no problems. Life was…
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Attention COMPETITION – guess Cyclops license plate))

Attention, friends declares competition - guess what was on the picture the state license plate of our Kutuzov)) It is clear that the letter of the pancreas, first digit "0", the latter - "4". And that middle hyphen Winner - PRIZE! While in the process of discussion, but to ride on the machine accurately)) What…
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Slowly getting ready for restoration)

Hello! A very long time did not write about my wonderful Cyclops. The big news is not - he moved to a large garage and modestly perched in a corner, so not to disturb anyone) Due to the rarity of the machine is slowly gather information on it. I would be grateful for your help…
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