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Slowly getting ready for restoration)

Hello! A very long time did not write about my wonderful Cyclops. The big news is not - he moved to a large garage and modestly perched in a corner, so not to disturb anyone) Due to the rarity of the machine is slowly gather information on it. I would be grateful for your help…
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Purchased donor for Cyclops

Understanding that the reduction of our Cyclops can not do without the donor, it was immediately. If only because of the absence of the power unit So -. Morgunovka still unknown what year) was acquired this week According to the seller two years ago, this machine went on their own. completeness and originality this instance…
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Cyclops S1L – purchase history

Dear friends For the first 24 hours of placing the Cyclops on site - we had almost two hundred subscribers! In the words of a classic - a "tsifir"! So the right thing to do. History of buying this baby almost a detective with a lot of accidents that were not casual in the…
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