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[Shopinh] Mats

Arrived set of rugs from Sasovo ... Since the entire set does not need me, some mats can be sacrificed in favor of the project whose ...:)
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treatment and protection of the bottom

After I took the body to the painting I could not find the time to assemble the suspension, and front suspension has not yet been given. I decided to treat the bottom of the bottom of the transparent protection Dinitrol 1000 and 485, but in the processing centers of korrozii.Ostavlyat so strongly I would not…
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Attention! Painted!

Painted chassis and all black hardware details. Originally I wanted to paint with powder coating, but, alas, did not happen. It turns out we do not have these masters, for did not buy because of this equipment. But in the future I want to buy blasting equipment and equipment for powder coating. In the meantime,…
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