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kuzovok donor

Good all, comrades! So today finally tried on the body. Along drawn sketches, trying to think through all possible) Conducted cleaning on-site - raked the snow removed from the littered invalidkoy doors, hoods ... At the weekend plan to cut it out the bottom of the luggage compartment, the middle rack of the engine compartment,…
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wheel return

Outstanding minutka.snyal with prignanoy twin kolёsa.i pulled them shustriku.gotovimsya for a walk!
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Progress in the project with the donor

The whole day spent on the analysis of rot. Let me remind you, the body will continue to be installed on the ATV .Snyali suspension and steering, drank trunk space, cut off the bottom of the transverse gain (the second part of the floor fell out again from rot). Then propylene thresholds, engine shield, drank strengthening…
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