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Again on skis!

Well, I love little family ski ride! And I basically - not against next weekend pokatushki! Especially - rarely fall on the weekend together I schedule another! The weather is great! -3! But snow and no sun! Therefore pictures dark! On Okushechke course through the woods not pass! Lots of snow. We went skiing! ))…
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bankrupt valve

Little buckled. 06,12,2016 traveled to Tver 30-35 km nedoezzhaya zatroila zachihala.verdikt delivered immediately bankrupt exhaust klapan.Doehal to Tver and came back with a burned-out valve kilometrov.Razobral passed 180-190, all hoses and fittings, wooden, changed, yes Burned on the second ground, too, was a bit like. Peretryahnul cylinder head and today 11,12,2016 ceremonial start until all…
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Purchase some parts

Greetings to all drivers friends! I decided today to indulge his crossover because it carries me to and from work in the warmth and comfort not let his master in spite of the severe frosts. Bought today a new tramblёr old ordered to live long flowed, and when I saw that the dismantling died not…
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