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Improving the work of the heater.

a long time did not write anything in the BZ, but with the unexpected arrival of the Russian winter again, it's time to rework! After a short rework the cooling system (already mentioned before) engine began to warm faster but the heater still very much buzzing especially at high speeds, and I decided to take…
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new tires for the winter

For everyday driving in the winter bought new winter tires 155/70 gardiand R13.odnu couple on the front of a great truth shipami.grebet snow has almost gone, I'm afraid is nasypet spikes from povyletali asphalt.
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Again, blame the winter!

With the arrival of cold weather and the daily operation of the vehicle during the day and night (the garage is far from home) was a question of changing signalizatsii.Vybor fell on Starline At 9, since the same 150 DS- no feedback, no startup time and the temperature of the engine netu.Da and the price…
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