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A rest …

lay reptile relax a little bit ... Tired of the poor girl =) And while resting, we make her little tummy "will be scratched" ... # 1 # 2 # 3 welder is on duty as we will come to do the operation;) Good luck to us))
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The power unit … DOWN!

Well. Preparing for body repair. Opened all the vulgarity of the wheel arch liners ... a couple of times handed the screwdriver into the cabin through the hole in the back ... It was decided to remove the engine, in order to do the repair body thoroughly ... still waiting for "Uncle Vasya" with watch.…
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However, =)

I do not know, cry or rejoice. Godik perch suffer while in the garage, covered with foil. The army called dunce-host. : D during this time is silent BZ done: -peresverlil to R13 (having nothing to do for the suspension is likely to go up from 2110, pimeril like nravitstsa) -zakupleny nishtyachki: Thresholds, amplifiers, dnina…
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