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The trunk with his hands

OkaLendr, I do not like, do not look without the boot)) And then came the moment when I started to think about it. After talking with a friend who bought a factory roof rack, and not finding it big pluses, he decided to make his own hands) Went bought a tube 20 * 20 *…
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Recording of 11 October 7:30

Winter ... It's so IF WHILE DRIVING CAR You will have signs of fatigue. NAMELY lethargy, take in the right possible. FIND place to stay! HERE consequences of what motorists not stop and decided to go ON. HOOD bruising, Glasses of headlights broken, BODY NOT MUCH bent inward, the radiator with a slight inward AWAY.
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Here and reached his hands up Okusha. Before that drove 99 and okush standing in the garage, collecting dust, and there was no time for them to engage in learning alternated work and work study. Now that's turned out to be an excess of free time, and flew. The plans, of course, Napoleon, and as…
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