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First kebabs 2017 th

Winter snow we still cheated, so the roads are all open. Ride did not want. And what a ride on the weekend not to barbecue. As always, first everything was Hardy. Weather, not the weather. Snow figachit, Balon frozen and only the power of razduvashki not let us go hungry. Then of course on the…
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Apparently I was the first who climbed to …

Through today's boring day at work, for all its lack when it was already done all that is possible and not left anything to do, my friend has advised me to do an audit of the starter. The more that a couple of days ago, we made it to his car, is now the turn…
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Moving into the wonderful city of Khabarovsk!

All Happy New Year) That my plans have come true) I moved to the city of Khabarovsk))) the road was not an easy (-51 on the highway in the fuel supply pipe burst a collector) and rode it (((I set my personal record: 42 hours Irkutsk, Khabarovsk and completed was 3244km))) Here are some photos)
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