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Change of oil.

All good vecher.Raspisyvat too that I will not, at the weekend once again replaced the engine maslo.K Unfortunately last replacement, I did not write here, the engine was flooded with a sample engine oil 5W-30 SL ENEOS SEMI-SYNTHETIC (4L ).. The oil has proved to be excellent, were the launches and frost, to say the…
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We leave for treatment.

All good den.V currently going to drive away the car in a nearby town for repairs, again ahead of hassle in the form of a plug through the damned bridge railwaymen, and indeed all there will be repaired without menya.Nastroen decisively, as if there were not going on the highway, in obezdili through bloody Tyumen…
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The convergence of the wheels or the continuation of the story.

All good dnya.Ne so long ago I wrote about what went serious trouble with the steering, the effects were as follows: At the helm hanging out a loud distinctive sound (tie rods were tested tips, but they were not to blame), very strongly heated electric power steering, heavy steering when reversing and does not return…
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