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The convergence of the wheels or the continuation of the story.

All good dnya.Ne so long ago I wrote about what went serious trouble with the steering, the effects were as follows: At the helm hanging out a loud distinctive sound (tie rods were tested tips, but they were not to blame), very strongly heated electric power steering, heavy steering when reversing and does not return…
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All zdravstvuyte.Mnogim familiar with the approach of summer, such as the problem of poplar buds, which are very nasty as the tree itself Topol.Ot these kidneys can not escape, they have nowhere to motorists vezde.Mnogih I am no exception strain the kidneys in different parts of the body, especially sticky patches when you gather the…
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Replacement bulbs stopar, dubol 2.

All privet.Ne so long ago I was telling that changed the light bulb right rear stopper set and successfully forgotten but it turned out not nadolgo.Priehav yesterday in the dark in the garage, and opening the gate noticed that the right stopar not burn again, not that even stop marker is not lit, went gently…
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