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unscheduled cleaning.

All good vecher.Posle not so long car trip looked like Siberian millet, dirt raskisnuvshaya their job done, + flew from under the arches flanking mashin.Po arrival at home machine does not recognize, and I do not see her as well as and flowed dermische with mudguards and other elementov.Bylo immediately asked to go to the…
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Replaced Thessaloniki.

All privet.Ne reached all the way to hand write briefly. Sallony filter is replaced, this time the change has been quicker and smarter than the last time. Bother with the removal of the lower glove box did not, in the frontal flashlight on his head, lie down on the open bardachek menyaem.Ne convenient and very…
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Removing the rear stopar.

All good vecher.Poehal I mean from work to home, on the road in one place you need to slow down smoothly pass that lying was actually done me a colleague who was driving me blinked headlights, stop asking what happened, what I hear that burned during lamp stopar, ask a colleague to press on the…
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