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All good day! a month ago for his "swallows" ordered to inverter 12V / 220B 1500W (Pure Sine Wave). For those who do not know - Inverter converts 12V battery power to 220V. The day before yesterday received a parcel. Yesterday, spent the first test result ... ... a little pleased podrazryazhenny battery standing…
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Replacing tumanok

A bit of history ... When buying a car, the glass on the right fog had cracked. A little train on its Americans, I'm somewhere still stekolku broke through. ((((( tumanka (((( When took tumanku and looked at the mount ... remember! I have stayed lens VISTArya))))) Examples of the lens, it turned out that…
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Repair ABS unit

And so. After two years, "almost" perfect operation of the car, I started a malfunction of the ABS system. Initially, I thought the problem in the stocks, -pritirayutsya since started after replacement and "large MOT". Symptoms were weak -First 2-3 brake every morning, worked slightly ABS, and then everything is OK. But after a month…
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