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Charlick dead

ICE hi all tell me who knows rode was driving all normal wound get under way half a meter and decayed that the current nedelal dragged a couple of kilometers from the pump neidet diesel fuel filter is full and then not go that can be unscrewed tube Forsov starter drove and the beggar is…
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Bearings. Hubs AVM. Solution crunching problems.

So finally finished the epic with a crunching left front wheel. There are several reasons - twist-off head ever hubs AVM - I do not know what idiot came up with long screws on torx, but they absolutely do not hold and constantly get out. In consequence of this it falls into the water, and…
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remade exhaust

When buying a car, I saw that the back of the bank in a terrible state. I thought I was looking for thought. And the solution came by itself. Guys dream of 50 arched pipe replacement silencing my half-dead. Bottom line. There was a nice easy nenavyaschevy roar at speed, idle the sound is not…
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