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Charlick dead

ICE hi all tell me who knows rode was driving all normal wound get under way half a meter and decayed that the current nedelal dragged a couple of kilometers from the pump neidet diesel fuel filter is full and then not go that can be unscrewed tube Forsov starter drove and the beggar is…
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Solving problems as they come

Have not posted because of work on the throat, the car does not break, ugh, ugh ... Today to change the filter in the gas trunk valve (on the "bad" gas traveled) and noticed uncharacteristic whining sound of the front of the engine . After listening to a stethoscope, realized that he was out of…
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Selling wheels -zima

already ordered new Cooper but larger And these for sale, ideally complete with drives, the price for 4-wheel discs 35000 p .in good condition, drives a 20 Cooper tires 245/70/16 Sorry for the dirty wheels. Send to clean)))
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