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Sold Tager. ((

Sold the car in good hands, so there is no further growth opportunities and drive a car every day. bought a replacement of the road www.drive2. ru / r / jeep / 999548 / and that's part of the city has not yet found a ...
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I need advice!

carve my sleeve on the scenes, now we need to deliver. Question - how to remove the connecting link with the lowest labor costs ?
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CVT POPs on GreatWall Hover H2

Today set on countryman GW Hower H2 variator, a small pile otchetets may be useful to someone, [b] all the connections made in the factory harness near the unit, [/ b] so that turned out pretty neat. [b] For the quality of pictures not much kick, photographed on soldering :-) [/ b]
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