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Body Part Handling 2

In this part of the others posted pictures of the works. All arches and frame were cleaned of dirt and dried. Further, the frame and the front bumper amplifiers handled converter rust, and then covered Body amplifier 950, and a frame and arches opened Mavile with working. The VIN also handled converter, painted and covered…
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After installing the mesh grille and the bumper was not long. But it was enough to ensure that the work and the need to install this devaysa.Kak mesh handles, see photo: Stone even squeezed net
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CVT at Tager 2.3

Finally got his hands to download video report who are curious, look. In this video review of the installation of HBO digitronic on Tagerka Tonight I installed on your variator 2.3 Tager Impressions - SUPER! Picture: night, 3 hours, the silence of the deserted streets Nevinnomysska tearing sound of a roaring engine and Tager in…
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