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CVT at Tager 2.3

Finally got his hands to download video report who are curious, look. In this video review of the installation of HBO digitronic on Tagerka Tonight I installed on your variator 2.3 Tager Impressions - SUPER! Picture: night, 3 hours, the silence of the deserted streets Nevinnomysska tearing sound of a roaring engine and Tager in…
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pump replacement was 20 minutes, put the usual Bosch as 2110, the pump pumps as it is necessary! But the trouble is denied fuel gauge (((constantly showing an empty tank and lit the lamp! All the wires in place! What? Why? And how ? is unclear ((
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Blood transfusion

It was time for an oil change in the engine. After some hesitation stopped at 229.3 MW, the more the seller is guaranteed originality. Oil content - Rep Power: was run much quieter Result:. 8 liters of oil - 3500r Air Filter - 450r Oil Filter - 450r
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