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body Treatment

With the onset of heat decided to treat various parts of the car. The first took a plastic cover and windshield wipers. To be honest after dismantling expect to see the mountains of leaves and dust, but fortunately the niche was a little dusty. All niche was washed, dried and processed Movil. Then plastic with…
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Attire on body repair work

As promised, I spread the work order. In principle, when assessing the value of said, so many I paid. Of course haunt 3t. for supplies, but I hope that this fantastic, crazy, relentless quality paint: D
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What happened in the last 15,000

So, getting ready for a trip to the Crimea! 29-08 will start at Krasnodar then the ferry))) fuel pump died today ... and knocks dviglo podpagruzkoy ... There are several new labels)))
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