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I need advice!

carve my sleeve on the scenes, now we need to deliver. Question - how to remove the connecting link with the lowest labor costs ?
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CVT POPs on GreatWall Hover H2

Today set on countryman GW Hower H2 variator, a small pile otchetets may be useful to someone, [b] all the connections made in the factory harness near the unit, [/ b] so that turned out pretty neat. [b] For the quality of pictures not much kick, photographed on soldering :-) [/ b]
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Doing anticorrosion treatment of the body and the frame decided to look at the ceiling. Unscrewing and using all means of Fortunatus ceiling has been successfully extracted. Native type Shumka tore and threw away. Internal amplifier handled Movil, then pasted vibration isolation and Shumka. After all gathered and entered a few hundred meters received satisfaction…
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