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DCT sample with the introduction of the deposit on which we bought Tank

Sostvlyali of hands in the presence of witnesses, the contract that was the result of painstaking work of several parties, the transaction resulting held successfully, maybe someone come in handy. PREVIEW CONTRACT car sale and purchase (deposit) g. ____________________________ "___" ________________ 201_ of We, c. RF _____________________________________________________________________ ____ _________________19__ year of birth, sex -___________, place rozhdeniya-…
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After grille mesh remnants decided to insert in the bumper. And this time has come. He took off his bumper and showing little ingenuity attached grid. The results obtained and was pleased at having passed on the track, I realized that the work is not in vain. Bees and flies crammed a lot.
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Fixing the rear of the right wing with the replacement lamp.

entering the garage, did not calculate the speed, as a result of a skid and hit the right wing on the corner of the garage. car repaired in the service "Special attention "Annino on. The work carried out quickly: Tuesday 27.12.2015 passed on Friday 01/30/2015 took. Many strongly criticized this service, but I was very…
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