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gidrouselitlya steering oil!

At the beginning of the season there was a random incident, was lost from the tank cover power steering. This problem is solved buying VAZ simple cover. But this was not the end ... After a while I found that through this cover on the oil runs quietly and is already below the minimum rate.…
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Completion of interior

Recently on the photo to see Salon MT-0. I really liked the black torpedo and black center panel. I decided to do at the same using a black matte film. And thereby streamline the view of the front of the cabin. By the time the work took 30 minutes (first experience stitched film). And also…
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Well, that put them second fan is two kinds of 9-23 in the photo on the right and left 9-27 he resistor to adjust the rotation there and on the form it is more powerful in order that it would have had to put a tube unscrew the mounting gidracha and the upper catalyst sensor…
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