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In winter.

recently acquired rims bu from Ford Escape as I understand it, the disk parameters coincide with my original, except for the width of the disc 6.5X15 5 / 114.3 ET -? . Depart from the words of the host 40, but the disk is not available, or rust ate. The front part of the disc…
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Hehey, 1st post :))

the end of December there will be 3 months since we have family there was this pop-eyed miracle :) At first I was a little traveled by car, since it is mainly engaged in the pope - made the diagnosis, ran in the road to the cottage, and just wanted to make sure its safety…
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Mat in the trunk.

Well, finally I bought a rug in the car trunk, and that without him quite a chore to deal with waste in the compartment. The main thing with the original car logo and the price of 460 p.
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