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Replacing brake pads

Replacement pads front! came from the Hyundai Elantra, but can be as I was told at the store from Chevrolet Lacetti.menyali fast the system is simple, a little a photo. The question price 1200 TR
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Change of oil

And so it is time to change the oil (already passed almost 10 thousand) fell .Vybor zic xq 5w40 apisn, the price was good and not like someone did not complain it to him, that he took the oil filter SAKURA C1514 threaded holes and fully fit, the replacement took 15 minutes.
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gidrouselitlya steering oil!

At the beginning of the season there was a random incident, was lost from the tank cover power steering. This problem is solved buying VAZ simple cover. But this was not the end ... After a while I found that through this cover on the oil runs quietly and is already below the minimum rate.…
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