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When, during the useful and found polomochku)

. So I celebrated my entire DR, five days)) thanks to everyone who has congratulated heartily .Sdelal it to all others because during or after an option. In general, as you know, I Cushioning salon film crocodile or snake, as you like) here START .Nastalo time and there was a time bardachka.Snyal toyed with, it…
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For those who do not have time to paint the drums :-)

)) All privet.Vot nishtyachek came from China, namely the pad on the rear drum. For those who can not find time to paint them, or even what the reason. Like the standards it looks, although I have mixed feelings but may not yet accustomed poka.Na front suporta riding pad "Brembo". Soon there will be a…
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exhibited for sale!

cars moved out of the Salon in November 2012 and for all the time it went a woman During operation on cars were broken bumper, door handles and radio, more problems or what was not! Rotting because of their young age, cars are not subject to.
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