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When, during the useful and found polomochku)

. So I celebrated my entire DR, five days)) thanks to everyone who has congratulated heartily .Sdelal it to all others because during or after an option. In general, as you know, I Cushioning salon film crocodile or snake, as you like) here START .Nastalo time and there was a time bardachka.Snyal toyed with, it…
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Improves visibility windshield or a pocket for your phone.

Bought Ali pocket for phone and has attached it under glass holder ruku.So removed it from time to time but fell off while driving, which could lead to a crash (hard phone) and even interfere with the review. Another ordered the same pockets on all doors 4 that passengers could be put to their gadgets,…
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cassette player from the "high places"

bought a car without music. Intended place of 2 din. Receivers of this size are not cheap, I decided to save money and ordered from China. Wait for the device had a relatively short time. Includes remote control and a rearview camera (the camera is not yet installed, did not come up as much), but…
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