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I bought in the summer wheels R17.

Bought for summer disochki r17 7.0 J ET 40 tires on the release, wheels stood on autlendore on Cherry and Vortex stand without problems. Checked. Vot.i I have got a question about rubber. Who that advises, like 235 and here further stupor what, which brand and so on Who that advises, thank you all for…
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Consumption per hundred

On the road in the cold -12 consumption A-95 has turned out 8.6 liters per hundred - given the bad road after a snowfall. A few pictures, and also replaced the picture on gl.stranitse.
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Of course, I do not know what you pour dealers in your car, but I was flooded with red antifreeze. as well as in most book states that it is necessary for the casting of aluminum radiators. which does not contain such evil additives like soderizht G11 Today! Taken from manuals TAGAZ Vortex Tingo FL…
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