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fight to the drain

Well, here I leave and wait finally came time to deal with the machine. Total elapsed time was preobretu: Car covers, as Native paneling already worn and spools. Cases took Alcantara on native patterns. We got a family. The only thing that the rear seat for the entire life of the car have never filmed…
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Came a present on birthday parties, albeit with a delay, we will test tomorrow, and then the cold will introduce next to the registrar.
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I bought in the summer wheels R17.

Bought for summer disochki r17 7.0 J ET 40 tires on the release, wheels stood on autlendore on Cherry and Vortex stand without problems. Checked. Vot.i I have got a question about rubber. Who that advises, like 235 and here further stupor what, which brand and so on Who that advises, thank you all for…
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