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I bought a set for picking

Since the end heads are not used, in principle, because it was not necessary. Home should be 4 tools - hammer, pliers and two screwdrivers - all) Well, you can buy a hammer, so that the neighbors do not relax)) And just take and buy the first set of beautiful, I can not. Must see…
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Salon. Shoals. I am looking for details.

Part Two. . Shop Centre as a whole for the 30-year-old car - ideally ... But I want to make it even better For full comfort lacks Shumkov, music, normal radio and armrest in the back seat who that is, write, buy for sane money) nakleechka roof ... it's so cute ... This carpet is…
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Podkapotka. Shoals. I am looking for details.

The third part In the engine compartment silen.manualy I already ordered and on the way:. Vehicle and engine. But 7 spans and do not need to understand what will happen in a lot of need to change to the machine is not done for a long time the brains ... Anyone who has something to…
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