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Christmas Meeting 2017

We decided to gather with friends for the holidays 07.01.2017 motorists of Club Car Tours invites you to the "Christmas meetings". There are interesting competitions, sea of ​​positive emotions and good mood. Location: Lake Tank. Beginning at 12.00.
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glow plugs

How it got cold at night, the morning began to notice an uncertain start, you have to twist and longer after starting the engine shakes. I started to sin on the glow plugs, without thinking twice went and bought four candles (so you do not ride in search), took the original. nove After took the…
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How the story began

To say that when buying a car looked sadly, it does not say anything, apparently the previous one and ONLY at the time the owner (since 1995 ) did everything to destroy this car. Crushed, beaten, torn in places, he made a painful impression, at first were replaced by wheels. Instead, relatives and R15 rubber…
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