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If anyone has a similar problem has occurred.

Because of this fault car will not start. Here are some problems in Cuneo. Courtesy light Kuna. cruising, weather garbage then rain then snow, you do not understand. Kata day. Stopped went to work to solve the problem. Problems have decided, I am going home, and then I showed Figo car. Problem BOS. I do…
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Happy New Year

All a Happy New Year. Health, happiness, and fulfillment of all desires. -29 Homa workaholic PC. Homa continues to delight. Mileage was 27 400.
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RESULTS photosets in the past year. Part 1

Dear friends, I want to congratulate you with the New 2017 Year! I wish you a Christmas of joy and unpredictable miracle, magic and stories of bright, cheerful moments. Let the New Year will bring light and hope to the great powers, perform all the good wishes and bring happiness into your home! ?? ????????????…
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