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China Velcro

By the new year on winter pereobulsya sneakers. Velcro 35h12.5hR15 excellent tires I like. assembly On the job chasing something that is necessary. very sticky Goes like a tank
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Not about TLC60 but about "Zhipy"

Uncle with his horse and a gun.) A few days ago went to the closing of the season. somehow UAZ never ceases to amaze. On a white lock with automatic brdma standing in the rear axle. And brown military bridges
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Kukurudzovody I need help! # 2h. # HJ60

Hello everyone. Puzzled then make the transition to more affordable Consumable for my move. Namely filter oil (or rather its availability and price) I am not satisfied ... I want to go to the oil filter from 1HZ, but there is problemki ... Size of planting our equal to 30 mm, the size of planting…
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