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China Velcro

By the new year on winter pereobulsya sneakers. Velcro 35h12.5hR15 excellent tires I like. assembly On the job chasing something that is necessary. very sticky Goes like a tank
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Not about TLC60 but about "Zhipy"

Uncle with his horse and a gun.) A few days ago went to the closing of the season. somehow UAZ never ceases to amaze. On a white lock with automatic brdma standing in the rear axle. And brown military bridges
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Earth is full of Russian talent

All fireworks, another page of our life together with Yamato. This time we will focus on the level of skills of every previous owners, common sense and practical application. So, let's start. on frame SUVs are often spare wheel is mounted on the bottom of the rear axle, lowered by winches and other hoists. Approximately…
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