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Painting wipers

That year, cleared out the janitor but never reached his hands to painting)))) In what year is primed new thresholds, ran for paint spray WAS BECAME
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Preparation for painting pasilla

Before painting originally necessary to bring the body in order thresholds changed, it remains to change the windshield, and the painting! Dye probably will plastidipom, much cheaper than the acrylic, and rubber eliminates jambs with painting, and not so difficult if to change, then of course, not without good people in the world! There is in…
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Lights, lights, lights …

Question about front optics arose immediately after the purchase of cars, have been searching for, "Dotterel" or Chinese counterparts, it was all to no avail. When put tumanki, they are slightly improve the situation, the light is better headlights, in the end, I got bored and decided to experiment took 280, 400, 600 and 1000th, sandpaper,…
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