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Not a lot of mischief with tires))))

I always liked tires with white lettering, very cool look, but are found not really to mere mortals, this I decided to "make "himself! Ordered a waterproof pencil and began to draw, as with day and plotting I had problems, turned out something like this)))) Maybe it's kindergarten, but I like it)))
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The new regiment in the trunk

Year skating and constantly infuriated me the boot, no shelves or mat! And then I went to engage in all sorts of things with pasilla, and thought of it! And I decided to do as I like! From the previous owner went to plywood, it is not clear from what))) This is what I had…
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Long live the new thresholds

Very long I wanted to hell to change thresholds and boil the arch, but it was expensive then the guys that would make for not less able to do, and then my old friend (thank you edDY71RUS ) He remembers that he has a friend who can help me! We have to celebrate, we ring…
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