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Record of September 5, 13:57

Did the collapse is not until the end. Left craving for replacement thread is broken and can not adjust the left wheel) change the draft and back to the doctor)
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Post-old … set the alarm with auto start)

In general, the signaling lay more than a year, was purchased at a discount, for ridiculous 1700r, auto-start, loop, with me it bought five more of my friends, is the faith and truth) Shiga Pharaon V21, the master found her quickly, as was already whitefish auto-start and had just the right thing to splice, a…
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Not a lot of mischief with tires))))

I always liked tires with white lettering, very cool look, but are found not really to mere mortals, this I decided to "make "himself! Ordered a waterproof pencil and began to draw, as with day and plotting I had problems, turned out something like this)))) Maybe it's kindergarten, but I like it)))
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