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A little bit of this and that

short come the new year, and the car is still being repaired. After the diagnosis, we were sentenced to one-third of the replacement battery cells, is expensive of course, but it will normally go in the future. Therefore, to weed out all the items that load were given less than 0.9 in (despite the fact…
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Installed battery

utretsa finally got around to put the battery in place, to set the required terminal 25 square crimping tool, a pair of screws 5 * 10mm, and cardboard for gaskets on the edges of the battery as a temporary solution because of the lack of regular fixture under it (in the summer will need to…
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sold Priusyundiya

Nice car. Economical, ecological, unusual. Small tax, small insurance. No half consumables, which are characteristic of a normal car. Pads eternal. deshёvenkie parts. Warm. interior trim warms the soul. In this machine all for the good, in the home. And anyway, somehow calm her feel. Do not sit on a powder keg like to Hayes,…
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