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Got to the car, cheers

Hello, I am writing from the phone, nubuck broken. Almost September did not reach the hands of the machine. work,) That January 3 went outside, itching badly that it had to be done by)) So in short, that the machine: 1. until now the machine is not edet- do not know why not pump enough…
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Buy motor.

Hello everyone, and with the new matured in 2017! In general I seek, finally, the motor in Hacha, but does now I can not find. Can you tell me help with this as it is. There are 4 ways to SWAPO, which I see is either 1) Buy ready "bezprobegaporf" Blackjack, and tinker with the…
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modification and assembly

Hello! behold, there came the process of assembling the bridge together after the upgrade)) is not collected for failure to unscrew the nut on the shank. Chisel, hammer all day and all went. Cause analysis of this site is that I have an inherited PPC cardan already digested under the bridge from the Crown, but…
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