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second za'tar

Slowly going spare, bought salon partially disassembled, will restore the material has already picked up a few records in the BZ, will soon upgrade)
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We arrived 1st za'tar parts)

Well, I waited and their parts) drove them from Belarus, went for a long time and in my opinion not very cheap (with Vlad only 1.5 rubles more expensive). Part of it is in excellent condition, partially worst than expected, but overall I was very pleased, it's still not a new VAZik AF in any…
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Air ionizer

Here's a nishtyak was removed from the donor Camry, rear shelf space emu- parse for visible filters first cap one paper, the second seems to be a coal go on, remove the body see motor and fan that drives the air on filters and not only filters UV lamp that used to kill the evilbacteria))…
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