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Happy New Year 2017!

All Happy New Year! Let fulfilled all the dreams, all the plans that are planned or that will be, and above all a strong health and health and will be all horosho.S NEW YEAR FRIENDS!
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Santa Claus on deer Racing

Almost rises on a regular place of They really came at night five pieces R16x8 ET-3 ... With the right round hole ... To all of feng -shuyu Finally, we will be able to slow down The whole set of assembly As we will now live a piece of Gazelle For those who are interested…
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UAZ panel

I decided to write a few words about the car panel UAZ 452. On steel plant is dull, but on our UAZ was even worse. Holes rust, bulges and vpuhlosti present throughout paneli.My their brewed, putty and pokrasili.No here we saw on the internet loaf with plastic bezel. All! We decided to buy and set.…
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