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Padding of the saloon (Part Two)

I want to continue the story of the interior waist "Umka" is already hard learning to run long distances And that passengers feel comfortable, quietly doing interior The story begins here:... www.Мы tried to make a comfortable rear passenger seat. "Umka" salon was full pokleit vibroshumoizolyatsiey story and photos, you can look here:.…
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Replacing the heat sink. Part 2 and the last

Went home for the weekend, established a radiator, but again not enough time, because there were difficulties. After vkoryachil radiator under the hood, I had to crawl under the machine itself, and the garage is unfortunately no holes to fasten the oil cooler pipes and fix the radiator in the grooves, tubes planted in the…
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Video pokatushki!

That is how our youngest pilot fuck in the forest))) At the end of the blow knocked the camera from such excitement back is not turned on ((((( well, since we all liked)) well I think had a day off! Good luck on the road and a full tank)
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