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Removing the cylinder head of UFG 421

With the onset of winter s the construction site was decided to tie , there was time to do movable property , the pleasure is not most pleasant to turn the nuts on the cold, but to choose not particularly necessary , the roof of the machine there. If someone for the first time read…
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The engine with manual assembly

did not work to put the hydraulic Releaser by Vito because of the large size and extra work (for tapping pipes). They put ordinary foot (cut bell) with hydraulics from 123 Merc. Have made the bracket under it. All squeezes, press
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The LEDs in the rear lights

as light taillights did not like at all, plus everything is constantly burned out light bulbs. Decided to confuse the installation of LEDs, but not by a conventional replacement bulbs to LED counterparts, and implantation of the LED dice to shine brighter! As Consumables used remnants of LEDs that remain after installing lighting in the…
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