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Pneumatic, Aggressor 160, Nanotechnologies.

Any uazovod knows pneumatic system on board need only to connect the diesel horn, and most go for it. Well, and I am no exception Hooter purchased, the case for air Inputs:.. The aggressor compressor 160, Golden Eagle receiver to 6 liters. Collector 5 vyhodov1 / 4 pressure switch, water separator China 8mm tubing, fittings,…
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Blocking BE!

I have long wanted to buy a Limited slip differential closed. And the opportunity to buy samoblok. Fumbling for various sites found what I wanted to put on the front of the lock with a blocking factor of 30-50% and preload 3kg. With the included front axle to turn around freely Oswalt even without unnecessary…
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The consequences of my sloppiness.

Iiii hello. In general, I was ripe to write a small report on my sorrows with ZMZ 51432. Let me start with a little history, in August 2014, it was decided to make a small run Izhevsk, Orenburg, Izhevsk. During this run there was a mishap: the hub viskomufty Stoch outer retaining ring and as…
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