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House (small note why I like the Hunter)

Hello, friends:!) Sunny frosty morning I boiled write a few sentences about why I like Hunter. Well, probably not even as much as UAZ Hunter. About SUVs in general, so it is clear:) At night, I went on business, just hit the post a snowfall. Snow cleaned up and raked in the parking lot and…
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Cleaning motor

All fireworks ?? ! After parsing of the engine ZMZ 409 Seryoga set about cleaning! Shit was a wagon and a small truck in the motor! All contents soaked in gasoline, and left for a week, and then only with grief otkislo half ... plans to change the rings and bearings, new timing kit, pump,…
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Timing, cylinder head, trust but verify.

rattled the chain. Opened. Kayuk upper tensioner. Chains in good standing, stars in good standing. Kick tensioners and rollers. Bearings tensioner in the trash, a huge backlash. I decided to change the timing ordered in "progress" with shoes, considered to be reliable. Also I decided to head off to remove and look there as Th.…
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