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Salon. Part 4: Finalization of the armrest.

Hello! I continue to bring to mind the shop. At this time, the hands have reached the armrest. The Internet came across an interesting variant of small things storage in the lid of the armrest and decided to make their own kind. Armrest me old-fashioned, with recessed incomprehensible to me on the cover. Perhaps the…
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stock up on a large sum last week. All bring to mind hippo Purchased:. 1. Springs 3 of the sheet. Oh, why I decided to change them yourself. Killed two days, the hands do not feel. On the street without pit cold and uncomfortable. But on the go is another matter. The machine is more…
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Hello zimushka winter.

We decided we Zimushka meet. But do not just meet, but with a cultural program. Cultural part of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Antony Leohnovsky monastery was chosen. And as Rublevskoe Leohnovskuyu deserts. Wishing katanutsya was not much, and in the three crews have moved on the road . Along the way, visited the track Palace Korostyn and…
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