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hello someone has not seen) and here at the weekend put gur. in principle, everything is simple, only had to buy a mount to the pump 402 and ZMZ was zamorochka pulley had to alter under the V-belt, but solved the problem. I drove to the turner 3 minutes. sections and a hundred rubles. In…
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Seals in Gearbox cover

spodvigshey own reasons for it not to become a successful father's trip to Russia on fishing. We crossed the border, arrived at Novoshakhtinsk and lost all programs except the third and fourth. In Russia, from them, in terms of repair, abandoned all they found, and they moved slowly home. Upon arrival, the CPT took cover…
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towbar Bosal

Installed hitch, since trailers are many) can and UAZka will kvadr Tuscany, only minus the tow bar is not much lower.
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