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hello someone has not seen) and here at the weekend put gur. in principle, everything is simple, only had to buy a mount to the pump 402 and ZMZ was zamorochka pulley had to alter under the V-belt, but solved the problem. I drove to the turner 3 minutes. sections and a hundred rubles. In…
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Ceiling speaker console

was bought and installed ceiling speakers console got very) Visors set in place, and the column has decided not to put on the shelf. The center is planned to install the radio. Before installing glued Shumkov shelf that there is nothing rattled.
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Bulkhead fuel pump

Six months ago I changed the fuel pump on Pekar. Then, carrying a colleague to a new apartment, he noticed that at full throttle after 20-30 seconds, lost traction, especially on the rise. From the sound - if benz ended. Replacing the filter does not work, thoughts fell to petrol pump. I bought a repair…
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