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hello someone has not seen) and here at the weekend put gur. in principle, everything is simple, only had to buy a mount to the pump 402 and ZMZ was zamorochka pulley had to alter under the V-belt, but solved the problem. I drove to the turner 3 minutes. sections and a hundred rubles. In…
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installation of music and akksesuarov

Installed music today, speakers chosen ural, radio dexp (china), the column set back in the box under the 6 * 9, and the front through spacers . The game is not bad. Just installed on the door armrests from classic, comfortable and cool left) Once installed in the interior of the shop Oise, bought Avito.…
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Thoughts on the road

turn the steering wheel of my new friend, and moving toward the house, came to mind the idea that you need to immediately alter. Because Vehicles intended to operate for its intended purpose, ie mainly on the road, meaning to go to the gas equipment, and the car was equipped with them, there was no…
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