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hello someone has not seen) and here at the weekend put gur. in principle, everything is simple, only had to buy a mount to the pump 402 and ZMZ was zamorochka pulley had to alter under the V-belt, but solved the problem. I drove to the turner 3 minutes. sections and a hundred rubles. In…
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-1000 Budget, or zapazdalaya sink.

Hello! Here we are gathered to change the oil with grease to normal, and for one and drive the machine to karbyuratorschiku, so we had to wash zapazdaluyu dirt from our UAZ. washing Price pleased, and of the work of the guys actually too)) worked perfectly, stubbornly taking chunks of frozen dirt ice from the…
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Puzzle and jealousy

gathered in a garage, and my cadaver in the form of eights with the muzzle of trinashki jealous of me to UAZ meanly emitting brake fluid in an unknown direction. had to go on foot. Worse than not to collect the car "puzzle" more and you do not understand. put VUT, tightened the steering column.
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