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Gearbox Repairs

The machine was not bad to go back transfer as if wedged. After inspecting the transmission units it was made to remove karobka gear with razdatkoy. He took off and found bearing Gearbox input shaft crumbled (shaft went away and wedges). CAT Razabral completely replaced all the bearings, gears and synchronizers were vnorme. Sobral PPC…
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The first exit

Today is the first time went on the hunt. We took the dog, carried in the cargo hold. We did there litter, sketched all sorts of rags. Accessible from the comfort of the second loading is itself Zaprygivayem). But it must be something more serious invent. I think what a framework foam type on walls…
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Perm.posovetuyte turner.

need a turner with the machine on which the dub and sharpening block and head (unfortunately not good in terms of lathes) It is desirable with a solid, a shaking hand and without greed in the eyes))) All the same, under CPR 53 decided to make the transition plate, about 5 mm, for this I…
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