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Perm.posovetuyte turner.

need a turner with the machine on which the dub and sharpening block and head (unfortunately not good in terms of lathes) It is desirable with a solid, a shaking hand and without greed in the eyes))) All the same, under CPR 53 decided to make the transition plate, about 5 mm, for this I…
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Trunk full car length

Roof rack was conceived a long time. To this end was made the cabin lift (6cm) and underestimate body (10cm body + 15cm tent). To boot used square tube 15 * 15 and 20 * 20 for the rear rack 20 * 40. Front fixing took staff from Ford. The result trunk 4 / 1.3…
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LED lights, fairy forest

Lights stood as native, with no complications. Shine perfectly The question price - 6500 rubles, against 17,000 rubles.. in the shop. Bought from China, but on Ebay.
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