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Trunk full car length

Roof rack was conceived a long time. To this end was made the cabin lift (6cm) and underestimate body (10cm body + 15cm tent). To boot used square tube 15 * 15 and 20 * 20 for the rear rack 20 * 40. Front fixing took staff from Ford. The result trunk 4 / 1.3…
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LED lights, fairy forest

Lights stood as native, with no complications. Shine perfectly The question price - 6500 rubles, against 17,000 rubles.. in the shop. Bought from China, but on Ebay.
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swap UMP 4213 and megoproblemy (Epic sad post without debate)

And so much of BZ umolchenno because of creative crisis with timely supply of materials ... Something just is not to recall that it will lose. A tale of a sad and will actually just a tale without question unnecessary arguments and others. The bare facts and nothing more. After SWAPO me always not satisfied…
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