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Pneumatic. 1. Start.

I began slowly to gather the components for the construction of pneumatic So, as one of the intended use of the machine -. "Technicals" - have a good compressor and a spacious receiver Wheel pumping his comrades quickly we must. Use of the system is planned in the future of course wider until plans to…
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End of "winter session"

And so, the first stage of the "winter" repair completed. It has been done: the replacement of the floor of the cabin and, new floor flooring interior and a change of rubber Polycom salon. It insulates the interior sidewall. Replacing the towbar spar. Increased engine cover, made it removable. Replacement steps (steps) interior. Partial coating…
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Ignition contactless ZMZ-402 kit MZATE 2 1.Shopping

I decided to vacation to spend usefully, and a little to please the "fat friend" - "Buhanosa" Almost immediately after purchase of UAZ began to look a contactless ignition system on the engine loaf, because the experience of war with contacts was extensive and all the negative. In order not to step on the same…
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