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Lift Bridge-spring

wanted me to change the exterior of the car a bit, and then have all climbed the corporate sores: spring straightened, and even the front and to the left glanced. Buy new spring could not, I reinforced and pay for 1 spring 5200 (the price in the store base UAZ) Jaboulay croaked my hard ...…
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Help in the floodplain

Greetings to all! Happy New Year 2017! 31.12.2016 Yesterday, at approximately 22.30, tigr0728 phoned and asked to help friends who sneak on shnivy felts in the irrigation ditch, or omitted in a ditch, in the floodplain of p.Kuybyshevym because I have not yet freewheeling), going quickly and moved in the direction indicated. On the way…
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Fighting for the fire.

I know that loaf - the car warm, and very much so. And especially in the summer. But then winter came suddenly, and I have lost heat. And altogether. Salon Oven roast in hell, and in the cabin have to coat and boots. By simple tests, it was found that the cabin stove crowded at…
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