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The exhaust system of exhaust gases.

Slightly improved exhaust system gazov.Privarili corrugation of the Mitsubishi Galant to reduce vibration from the engine well and put things in a little trailer krasoty.Ustanovili nickel plating muffler was a glamorous look.
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The steering gearbox from the Atlas

starts a new stage of modernization of the Hedgehog. Long winding roads I drove to the steering gearbox from the Nissan Atlas, but this is just the beginning now need to come up pump probresti his fix to the engine. For .obschem cases have a lot of
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1st of January. Who does what … And we stand!)

Here is a picture seen from the windows of my drunken neighbors) K --- ---- Red So beautiful) Here's a design I found inside ... Who thinks? Tyunyachnaya handle ekspeditsionnika ... climbed 6 meters parachute the lines ... can be enjoyed at the day of judgment) wove waited until the President's speech)
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