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UAZ panel

I decided to write a few words about the car panel UAZ 452. On steel plant is dull, but on our UAZ was even worse. Holes rust, bulges and vpuhlosti present throughout paneli.My their brewed, putty and pokrasili.No here we saw on the internet loaf with plastic bezel. All! We decided to buy and set.…
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Location locks rings + pan gasket UFG 421

Here and pistons with rings have taken their place. Rings Locks spread 180 degrees. №1 According photo №1: 1.- lock the upper compression ring 2.- castle oil ring 3. the second locking compression (or scraper) ring 4.- locking separator oil ring use the regular trading crimping rings that would not break when introducing in its…
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I bought a gift UAZka on NG)

I wonder how it will work, they are Chinese but the store said that the same as Ulyanovsk, as Ulyanovsk us loose without boxes bring. Also in the plans to hold the throttle cable to the traction pedal, put them in front of the cross member.
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